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Overpressure Chimney Linear System

Intended use:

T-250 pressure relief chimney liners are used to discharge smoke from modern gas and oil boilers with a hermetic combustion chamber.

All elements are plasma-welded with a longitudinal seam weld, the ends of the elements’ are equipped with seals ensuring that system is hermetically sealed..
Due to the swift warm up of the thin-walled batch pipes, they ensure high expansion. Heat losses, resulting from the cooling of the heat source during the starting of the furnace, is reduced by rapid cooling, which leads to fuel savings and reduces the adverse effect of the furnace environment.



Gas, Oil

Characteristic Declared technical parameters
Material stainless steel 1.4404/1.4301
Material thickness 0,5mm; 0,6mm
Working temperature 250° C
Diameter range 60mm - 300mm
Pressure class P1 - overpressure 200 [PA]
Marking system PN-EN 1856-2-T250-P1-W-Vm-L50050-G200