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Flexible Chimney Linear System T-250

Intended use:

T-250 chimney liners are used to narrow down the chimney sections and to adapt them to modern low-temperature oil and gas furnaces.

The system consists of an flexible pipe made of high-alloyed stainless tape, steel type 1.4404, resistant against intercrystalline corrosion and plasma-welded moulders. Such a solution enables the chimney liner to be installed even in a deformed chimney flue.
Acid-resistant flexible pipes are used also in the installation of gas and oil devices as well as for the construction of ventilation systems.



Gas, Oil

Characteristic Declared technical parameters
Material stainless steel 1.4404
Material thickness 0,10mm
Working temperature 250° C
Diameter range 80mm - 250mm
Pressure class N1 - underpressure 40 [PA]
Marking system PN-EN 1856-2-T250-N1-W-Vm-L50010-O