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WOBEX - systems, pipes and rotary chimney cowl

We are manufacturers of insulated chimneys, steel acid-resistant chimney liners, cowls and FLEX type flexible pipes.
We invite you to view our wide range of products.

In our offer you can find:

  • Acidresisitant chimney liners for gas and oil devices.
  • High-temperature chimney liners for solid fuel devices.
  • Double-wall acidresistant chimney systems for gas and oil devices.
  • High-temperature double-wall systems for solid fuel devices.
  • Innovative chimney systems for stoves with pressure-based “TURBO” technology.
  • ”FLEX” typeflexible chimney liners for gas and oil devices.
  • Rotary and self-adjusting chimney cowls for ventilation and flue chimney stack outlets.
  • 2 mm thick steel connection systems for solid fuel devices.
  • “FLEX” ventilation pipes.
Persons and companies interested in our products are invited for long-term cooperation. If you have any further questions, please contact us by email. Our employees will provide you with detailed information.


  • Chimney cowls

    A chimney cowl is an element forming the outlet end of the flue. It is used to prevent the effects of wind gusts, downdraught and to increase chimney draught when it is too weak. It is used on smoke and fume ducts.

  • Flue and chimney liners

    We offer you chimney liners of various types that are designed to discharge smoke from fuel-based gas devices and boilers. Our flues are made of high-quality steel. Please check and see our offer!.

  • Chimney systems

    An insulated chimney is a modern alternative for traditional chimneys. They are constructed of properly adapted prefabricated elements. Chimney systems are made of high-quality acid-proof steel that ensures the maximum safety.

  • Flexible chimney liners

    We offer you high-quality flexible chimney pipes. They are made of acidresistant steel that ensures the durability and reliability of the product. Our acid resistant pipes are certified and attested. Welcome to cooperate!