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Double-Wall High Temperature Chimney System T-600

Intended use:

T-600 insulated chimneys form a separate external chimney that is used to discharge smoke from solid-fuel devices.

This system enables a heating device to be installed in any place inside the building, the chimney is placed externally on the wall.
T-600 insulated chimneys are built of high carbon stainless steel with ceramic insulation. The high material quality of the inner (Din 1.4404 material) and outer (1.4301 material) layer ensures long-lasting durability.
It is especially durable due to the use of alumina-silicate ceramic insulation (insulation thickness of 30 mm).

This system can be applied in following areas:
  • Residential buildings
  • Industrial architecture
  • Internal and external installations
  • Free standing chimney installations



Solid fuels

Characteristic Declared technical parameters
Material stainless steel 1.4404
Material thickness 0,8mm; 1,0mm
Working temperature 600° C
Diameter range 100mm - 500mm
Pressure class N1 - underpressure 40 [PA]
Marking system PN-EN 1856-1-T600-N1-W-Vm-L50080-G100
Insulation Ceramic wool - 128kg/m3