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High Temperature Chimney Liner System T-600

Intended use:

T-600 chimney liners are used to discharge smoke from solid fuel devices, where the continuous working temperature of the smoke does not exceed 600°C.

This system enables the modernisation of the boiler room and adapts old chimneys to the new working conditions. It consists of smooth-walled pipes and moulded parts made of high-alloy stainless steel, steel type 1.4404, resistant against intercrystalline corrosion.
All elements are plasma-welded with a longitudinal seam weld. Due to the rapid warm up of the thin-walled batch pipes, they ensure high expansion that prevents the formation of condensation in the furnace’s initial start-up phase. Heat losses, resulting from the cooling of the heat source during the starting of the furnace, is reduced by rapid cooling, which leads to fuel saving and reduces the adverse effect of the furnace environment.



Solid fuels

Characteristic Declared technical parameters
Material stainless steel 1.4404
Material thickness 0,8mm; 1,0mm
Working temperature 600° C
Diameter range 100mm - 500mm
Pressure class N1 - underpressure 40 [PA]
Marking system
PN-EN 1856-2-T600-N1-W-Vm-L50080-G500